Get your home inspected today! Residential Inspections starting at $250

Residential Home Inspections

David Wiles, a licensed local Tulsa Home Inspector, will come to your residence and provide a limited visual inspection of all the major components in your home. He will ensure that your mechanical, structural and electrical systems are all up to standard and working properly. Included in a standard home inspection, the walls, ceilings, floors, and insulation along with the exterior of your home will be evaluated. His personal touch will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, safety and confidence knowing your home was inspected properly and is up to standard.

Commercial Inspections

Are you purchasing a new commercial space? A commercial inspection is a necessary step in the buying or leasing process. We inspect according to the ASTM (American Standard of Testing and Measurement)  If your space is less than 20,000 sq ft, call us to schedule your commercial inspection to ensure your property is in good working condition.

HVAC Inspection

We ensure that everything is in good working condition when inspecting your heating and air conditioning unit.

Structural Inspection

From the roof to the foundation, we will give your home a visual inspection and note the condition and performance of the structural aspects of your home or commercial building.

Roof Inspection

An observation of the roof during your home inspection can bring to light any issue or concerns that you should be aware of when selling or purchasing a property.

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