CND Home Inspections, LLC is proud to provide its clients with comprehensive inspection services for both commercial and residential properties. Owner David Wiles is a licensed Tulsa Home Inspector with many years of valuable experience in this field. When you work with CND Home Inspections, you can be sure that you will receive an honest inspection that will catch any major issues, for example, HVAC, roof, or structural issues.


David Wiles of CND Home Inspections provides superior customer service for each of his clients. One way this is evident is through clear communication. Before the start of any inspection, the client is provided with a pre-inspection agreement.


During the inspection, CND Home Inspections encourages his clients to be present. This added layer of transparency is valued by many individuals around Tulsa. Upon completion of the property inspection, each client is provided with a detailed report, many times within 24 hours.

CND Home Inspection Services

Licensed home inspector, David Wiles, offers both commercial and residential home inspections. Each inspection covers readily accessible components including the following:


  • Interior elements such as mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and ventilation.
  • Exterior elements such as roof, guttering, drainage, and the grading of the lot.


CND Home Inspections, LLC conducts each residential inspection in accordance with ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) as well as the State of Oklahoma. Inspections of commercial properties are conducted according to the ASTM (American Standards of Testing and Measurements).

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Residential Home Inspections

It is important that you feel safe and secure in your home. A residential home inspection ensures that both the structure and the important systems within your home meet all the required standards. CND Home Inspections provides their clients with comprehensive reports of each home inspection.


An inspection of your residential property includes the mechanical, structural, and electrical systems within the home. In addition to this, CND Home Inspections also inspects the walls ceilings, floors, and any visible insulation. Each standard home inspection also includes an evaluation of the home exterior.


Each residential home inspection that is conducted by Tulsa home inspector David Wiles is conducted in accordance with ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) as well as the State of Oklahoma.

Importance of Residential Inspections

Home inspections are a crucial part of maintaining the safety and security of your family. A professional home inspection is the best way to catch potential hazards to the health and safety of all who reside within the walls of a home. CND Home Inspections provides each of their clients with a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the inspection. This report will also include areas within the home that require correction or further evaluation by professionals. In many cases, CND Home Inspections provides this report in 24 to 48 hours, in most cases within 24 hours.

Commercial Inspections

Just as a residential home inspection is necessary for the sale of any home, a commercial property inspection is reccommended before the sale or leasing of a commercial building. CND Home Inspections is proud to offer professional inspections of any commercial facility that is less than 20,000 square feet.


Each inspection of a commercial property is conducted according to the ASTM (American Standards of Testing and Measurement). The inspection includes ingress and egress of a property, paving, curbing, parking and flatwork, as well as any recreation facilities. CND Home Inspections also provides a report on physical deficiencies as well as a property condition assessment.

Importance of Commercial Inspections

David Wiles of CND Home Inspections also specializes in commercial inspections for buildings that are less than 20,000 square feet. A commercial property inspection is reccommended before the sale or lease of any professional facility. The inspection will include an assessment of the property condition and physical deficiencies.

What Sets CND Home Inspections Apart

CND Home Inspections provides a customer experience that sets them above the rest. Their honest and detailed manner of inspection provides each client with the information they need to successfully complete the purchase of their property. In addition to this, David Wiles, owner of CND Home Inspections, is willing to put in the time necessary to answer any question that arises during the process of the inspection.


David Wiles continues to work hard, creating an inspection company that provides each client with the service they deserve. By refusing to cut corners and valuing transparency, David has earned the respect of many clients, including realtors and homeowners in the Tulsa area.


As a Military Veteran, David Wiles strives to give back to the Tulsa community. He does this by offering a discount to all members of the military as well as first responders and educators. Contact CND Home Inspections today to schedule your residential or commercial property inspection.